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Hotels,Leisure & Entertainment

Apaar Solutions has CCTV solutions and other surveillance equipment designed especially for the hotel industry to help them drive their business. We also help the lodging customers to improve their security and employee productivity both of which enhance their guest experience.


Educational Security

Many of the schools and colleges have realized the importance of surveillance systems as they help them to detect malicious attack against their property, staff and fellow students. Our systems will exactly accommodate this and much more. Our flexible solutions can be designed to meet your requirements and will interface seamlessly with virtually all the existing hardware.


Goverment & Public Security

It is very important that we protect our public services and government property .Now a days public property are prone to malicious activities and the government has started to install security systems like CCTV's. Apaar Solutions takes the initiative of protecting the community and hence makes it a point to offer such services as well.






A secured House is definitely today's requirement while you are travelling out. We provide various security solutions like Video Door Phones , CCTVs, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Access control systems etc. to make you relax while you are at home or not.


Traffic and Transport Security

Public highways demand video surveillance systems to capture traffic offences, parking violations and also to gather information on people entering and exiting a particular area. You can monitor all of these activities by installing our surveillance systems designed solely for this purpose.


Hospital Security

    Hospitals demand a wide range of surveillance system right from simple ones to remote patient monitoring and recording of operations for training purposes. Nowadays, babies being switched between parents or being killed are very common and hence the need to closely monitor maternity wards arises. We offer all such kinds of services so as to ensure that your hospital be protected in all the aspects.

Banking & Finance Security

Banking sector is an area prone to criminal activities. We need to closely monitor the activities of the bank employees and their communications with 3rd parties. Apaar Solutions promises to offer you the ultimate flexibility for wide scale security applications. Likewise, live images of any spurious activity can be viewed from our CCTV's from any place.

Remote Monitoring Security

This kind of monitoring has been the widely used technique to detect criminal activities from a central place. It is indeed a challenging task to ask people to be present 24/7 at areas prone to such activities. With these systems in place we can easily alert the security personnel prior to the incident taking place if we detect something unusual. So one major area of our specialization is to develop such systems and make our community a better place to live in.



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